Nothing in life is handed to us on a silver platter. Every single one of us has challenges. Many are fleeting in the scheme of things, while others are extended battles. Challenges can often seem insurmountable, but we overcome them anyway. These struggles, and overcoming them, make us who we are.

But we don’t necessarily need a pat on the back from others. We need to recognize ourselves. We need to celebrate how we plow through life’s challenges.

We need to applaud our achievements, not only during obvious triumphs, but even when we take baby steps, and even when we learn from our perceived failures.

Because every challenge is an opportunity, a stepping stone for growth.

Often, at the end of a long day, I’ll sing a little ditty to myself, “I made it through another day, I made it through another day, I’m alive, I’m okay.”

How special is it when we get through a difficult day?? Do you tell yourself “I did it! I made it! I plowed through!”? The applause needs to come from within us.

“This One” is my gift to each and every one of you. Give your beautiful SELF time to listen to the lyrics, time to absorb its message and recognize yourself. Recognize that you are deserving of self love and internal praise for all your hard work, sacrifice and perseverance.

The very first time I heard the song, I told @Chayala Neuhaus, the composer, “You wrote this song for me!” But as I went on to develop it with my team, every single person had the same reaction, each identifying the song with their own challenges and struggles, and they all had similar reactions, like, “wow, this song was written just for me!” Many of them cried freely and all related to it on a deeply personal level. This song is cathartic and expresses what each of us feel individually.

We’re heading into a brand New Year. We’ve all been through a lot the past year and we don’t know what’s ahead but we know this:
We have triumphed through challenges in the past and we will continue to forge ahead with the strength of knowing how much we’ve accomplished. This song goes out to YOU. Applaud yourself!

May Hashem inscribe us all in the book of Life, Parnassa, and Health for this coming year and may it be a year full of Blessing!

Executive Production
Shai Bachar & Bracha Jaffe