Hold on to your bekeshe, cus this is the greatest comeback in Jewish-rap history.

Filmed and Edited by:
Tzvi Simchon

Music Composed and Produced by:
Yehudah Pinsker

Lyrics Written by:
Rebbe Glanz

Special Thanks to:
Noam Zimerman
Meir Hass
Yisrael Gdanski
Itzhik Gdanski
Yosef Sullivan
Zev Wolff
Marc Landsberg
Elisha Bauman
Eli Appel
Eli Gertz
Moshe Farber
Yhonatan Naor
Avi Zycer
Moshe Shetrit
Yissi Nenner
Mendel Katz
Pinny Balsam


(Verse 1)

We`ve been here before, so you already know me,
Of all the rebbe rappers I`m the one that holds the trophy,
When you be feelin down or you be feelin lonely,
I could always rap a line that make you feel all warm and cozy

But don`t mistake my kindness, or ever try to cross me,
Take one step outta line then you`ve already lost me and that`s costly,
Cause learnin from me you got what to gain,
So don`t go pointing fingers,
There ain`t Noone to blame for your pain

It`s drivin you insane, stuck in your brain
Making up excuses always ends the same
Gotta charge hard like a freight train,
Cause life`ll chop you up spit you out like a squid game

Feeling down, don`t just run to therapy,
Feel the music, go bouncin to this melody,
Feelin under pressure and things are getting heavy,
The only real solution is come and talk to Rebbe!

My name is Rebbe Glanz…

(Verse 2)

All the other rebbes I ain`t one of them,
Cause I can teach you Torah and rap like Eminem,
My lyrics turn back the clock and bring back Tupac,
Givin you the strength to give it all you`ve got,

Fear is not the choice when opportunity knocks,
Cause this is the only chance to take your shot,
So when they try to hold you down and put up a fight
You gotta push em back hard with all your might,

You need words of inspiration to feel the light
I may not be black but I could be your Nissim White,
Shining bright, in life you gotta hold on tight,
Go and tell all the haters to take a hike,

Everyone deserves a rebbe who believes in you,
Who always tries to get what you`re goin through,
Who can lift your spirits up when you`re feelin blue,
To help you serve Hashem in everything you do!

My name is Rebbe Glanz…
Freilechen Purim!

(NOTE: This production is NOT affiliated with Feldheim or Mosaica Publishers. That was a joke)

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