This song was inspired by the true story of our family. A family torn by the holocaust. A family who’s sister ran away and hid her identity for 80 years. A family who was able to be reunited at the end through a miraculous journey. It represents the deeper unbreakable chain of generations and how no matter how far you run, you are always welcome home.

Lyrics Translated:
A closed chest, the key lost
A sealed past, and she’s all alone
Black silence, a world destroyed
A new identity, a Western wind.

And in another world a little girl
Wrapped in light, joyful
Slowly the stream of her soul deepens
And yearns to connect through love.

At the end of the sea, she reaches the land
Hopes to quench her dry soul,
Is there man still on this earth?
Through desolation, will she find her name?

Under the same sun, years ahead
The channels of her heart start to call-
“Is this the spirit that calls my name?
Is my mother’s home the home of my people?”

The stone seals a hidden family
A voice deafened by the tumult of crowds,
Far away from the cry of brothers’ blood
The earth is covered in flowers.

A wall in the home with a missing picture
An old memory, a broken silence.
“Who is this woman? Who is she?”
The story is told in pain, longing and tears.

She gets up, searching for her future
For she is no longer a child
As a bird finds her nest
The young and the old will come together.

The heart of the G-d of mercy opened up,
And soul will touch soul
He sent his daughter on an adventure
The morning will come, and she will know what is hers.

The door opens, light returns
The branch and it’s roots intertwine
Her soul returns to it’s place
To her name given by her mother and father.

Az a szép, az a szép, akinek a szeme kék,
akinek a szeme kék.
Lám az enyém, lám az enyém sötétkék,