Watch Tisha B’av come to life in this incredible new production, “Tisha B’av Tales”. Produced for Oorah’s campers at both of Oorah’s TheZone summer camps, as well as for Oorah families worldwide, this production featuring world-renowned storyteller Rabbi Yitzy Erps will bring a new meaning to Tisha B’av for both young and old alike. Watch the incredible strength that was shown by our previous generations, and learn how they managed to keep their faith despite all of their incredible challenges. And most of all, learn what we can do to end this exile once and for all. Special short message at the end from HaRav Chaim Mintz, Oorah’s founder and spiritual leader. Special thanks: Ani Ma’amin/Schindler’s List: available on iTunes (Schindler’s List – arranged by Dr Jeanne Zaidel Rudolph), Ani Ma’amin arranged by Choni G – thank you!, Recorded, Edited and Mixed @ Thatch Music, Joburg, SA. Blood Libel footage taken with permission from “Ba’al Shem Tov Story 1” published by Gold Family Films. Script written by: Mrs Yocheved Zelishovsky, Ms Zehave Enock and Mrs Chavi Ohayon. “Avrumi” played by Caleb Gitlitz. May we merit to learn from and emulate the incredible strength of our previous generations, and may we merit to rejoice in the coming of Moshiach speedily in our times. Motion Pictures Credits: Invert Films Bannock burn Martin Ciganek Four Wishes photography Gold Family Films Iris Theater Locked Out Fereydoon Borouji Harris Done Matty Brown Thank you for kindly allowing us to include your great work in our historical documentary!