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On today’s episode, Ari spoke with Brooke Ashley Hall – one of the biggest creators on social media, across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube – about the opportunities and responsibilities of creating content for tens of millions of people on a daily basis.


Along the way they talked about Brooke’s journey towards becoming an influencer; what an influencer’s day-to-day looks like; portraying motherhood from the Bible to TikTok; authenticity in traditional media vs. digital media; Arthur Clarke and scientific progress; how Brooke almost lost her son; the power of prayer and community; Brooke’s approach to comedy; Brooke’s advice for aspiring creators; and much more!


Guest Quote:

“It’s incredible the amount of impact that you have, and I also think it’s a great responsibility for what you share and the message that you’re putting out. That’s one thing that my husband and I decided whenever we started doing this, that we were going to stay on the line of being family friendly, maintaining our values, and always staying true to ourself in that way, because with great power comes great responsibility, right?” -Brooke Ashley Hall


Time Stamps

* (:01) Intro

* (04:45) Brooke’s creative journey 

* (11:23)  Authenticity on social media

* (13:41) Motherhood portrayed from the Bible to TikTok

* (15:27) A day in Brooke’s life 

* (21:30) Technology as magic

* (24:20) Influencers vs. celebrities

* (27:46) Brooke’s near-loss of her son

* (39:37) The power of prayer and community 

* (44:49) Brooke’s comedic approach

* (47:37) Brooke’s inspirations

* (49:57) Advice for aspiring content creators


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