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“Torn Apart” is an epic love story set against the backdrop of Middle East turmoil.

Adrian Pasdar (Heroes) and Golden Globe nominee Cecilia Peck star as lovers torn apart by the harsh realities of day-in, day-out Middle East turmoil. Pasdar is vibrantly heroic as Ben, a 21-year-old soldier torn between what duty and his heart tell him to do. As Laila, Peck (daughter of screen legend Gregory Peck, seen here in her first leading role) is the perfect complement to Ben: thoughtful where he is headstrong, vulnerable where he is bold. Escape is the couple’s only hope. But to where? And how?

Based on the novel “A Forbidden Love” by Chayym Zeldis, “Torn Apart,” brings the complex Arab/Israeli conflict to a personal, visceral level. As Ben and Laila make their desperate bid to flee, it’s impossible not to pull for them. In part because the world loves lovers. In part because if love can’t survive, what can?

“Compelling as ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ ‘Torn Apart’ will bruise the most hardened heart” — The Hollywood Reporter.