Welcome to Hasidic #Williamsburg! I’ve been a tour guide in #Hasidic Brooklyn for almost ten years. I believe Hasidic Brooklyn is one of NYC’s most fascinating subcultures, and I love to study it and share it.

I think my tours are special because I grew up in the Satmar Hasidic community. My first language was Yiddish, as was my son’s first language. I got married to a Hasidic boy from Williamsburg in an arranged marriage. And although I left the community and really didn’t feel like I can live the Hasidic lifestyle, I believe there is value in many different cultures and much to learn from each. I’m not one to pine for a homogenous world! I treasure the unique elements of Hasidic life and try to appreciate both the wonderful sides and darker sides.

In this video, I give you the introductory story of Hasidic Williamsburg by telling you its backstory and walking you through some of its institutions. It took me many months to lovingly put this video together, so I hope you’ll enjoy it!

0:00 Start
1:40 The story of Williamsburg, a hop away from Manhattan
3:54 The history of this Hasidic community
6:54 Resisting assimilation after the holocaust
9:29 The waterfront
11:37 Balcony architecture
14:21 Synagogues and schools
15:25 formerly Eastern District High School
17:03 The Main Street
17:39 Kosher tech
18:23 Kosher phone store
19:07 Kosher news
19:54 Kids dress up
20:56 Children’s clothing
21:26 Deli
23:38 Appetizer
25:11 The Eruv for shabbes
26:16 The kosher candy store
28:57 Street posters
30:19 The B110 bus
31:14 Hispanic Williamsburg
34:18 Good bye and credits

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