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Chanuka is my favorite holiday. It’s all the fun without the pressure. We don’t have to clean out our houses for weeks in preparation for it, nor we do need to build a hut and live in it for a week.

Because it is my favorite, it is probably why I have the highest expectations for it.

If you know me at all, one of my biggest guilty pleasures is producing and filming music videos.

So on this holiday of Light [and gifts], I present to you a song about GRATITUDE – [Tov Lehodot] ft. Maayan Davis.

This song is a reminder to focus on the light in our lives and to try to be grateful for all of it, no matter how uncertain the world may be.

Through COVID, caring for a newborn and toddler with no access to outside help was one of the biggest ongoing challenges I had to face in my life.

No sleep, no help, no brake…..for months…..

But music makes me happy. It reminds me of how deeply I desired and waited for my girls and how much I love them.

This song serves me as a reminder to be more present and feel pure gratitude as we welcome yet another holiday that we will be celebrating without family and friends.