The short film “Just One Shabbos” tells the story of Sam Stelzer‘s journey from a secular Jewish college student to a leader in effectuating kibbutz goliyus and building a Moshiach world. However, the film’s message of the power of one mitzvah to effectuate change starts with a single Shabbos, a moment that transformed Stelzer’s life forever.

The film showcases Stelzer’s encounter with Rabbi Dovid Teichtel, Chabad Shliach to Champaign, IL, who invited Stelzer for his first Shabbos. This one mitzvah set Stelzer on a path that would change his life and the lives of countless others. Stelzer’s story serves as a testament to the impact one person can have on another and the world.

One such person is Isaac Fouladi, who was touched by Stelzer’s dedication to spreading the message of one mitzvah at a time. Fouladi credits Stelzer with changing his life and encouraging him to explore his Jewish heritage. Stelzer’s impact on Fouladi is just one example of the power of one mitzvah to effectuate change and inspire others to take action.

After being shown at the Tut Atz Mega Moshiach Event, the film “Just One Shabbos” is now available online for viewers to watch and be inspired by Stelzer’s journey.

“My First Shabbos” serves as a rallying cry for unity and the power of one mitzvah to effectuate change, bringing Moshiach one step closer. The film’s message of the impact of one person on another and the world is a reminder of the importance of spreading Torah and Mitzvos to others, one person at a time.