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This song is inspired by the unfortunate political situation at present in Israel, sadly causing a painful tear in our nation- left and right, non-religous and religious- divided.

Truth is, at the end of the day, we’re all sisters and brothers, belonging to the same nation, created by G-d!

Throughout the generations, what kept us going, through harsh and challenging times, was our unity, and our care for each other.

Not only have we stood the test of time, continuing to live, we thrive!

When we stand together with our differences, we’re like an iron chain, made up of many links that intertwine, creating a union so strong, we are UNBREAKABLE!!!

May we never have to stand by each other in tragedy…
Only share in each other’s joyous times.
❤️ Chaya

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Composed by: Chaya Kogan & DeScribe
Arranged & recorded: Sruli Broncher
Mixed & mastered: Sruli Broncher
Recorded at: Synthy Music Studios

Video Credits:
Videographer: Yitzchak Kelman
Director: Sruli Broncher
Lighting: Arthur Marchenko
Assistant: David Birnberg
Art design: Sruli Broncher
Editing, after effects & coloring: Sruli Broncher

Keyboard: Daniel Arbeli
Bass guitar: Margarita Green
Electric guitar: Limor Magori
Drums: Shiri Burstein

Choreography by Shaked Sebag
RBS Dance & Music Academy Dancers:
Leora Blanshay
T Bryks
Talia Ruthie Fish
Tali Ginsberg
Batsheva Green
Devora Iskowitz
Rina S.
Ester T.

Makeup: Miriam Ben Shushan &
Malky Fabian
Hair: Michal Nagar
Dress: Rachel Sitbon
Filmed at Utopia studios
Cover graphics: Orel Leah Davidi


Like the stars
Scattered across
Shining in the night
כל אחד
קרן אור
שמאיר בחשכה

עם כזאת אהבה
שבתוך הנשמה
היא כמו להבה
לא יכבו אותה

We stand together
Through stormy weather
They’ll never break us

We stand together
Taller than ever
We have a faith
That’s unbreakable

Unbreakable, unbreakable
יחד לנצח
We’re unbreakable
Unbreakable, unbreakable
When we stand together
We’re unbreakable

ולמרות ששונים
ועם כל האתגרים
יש אהבה
כן, זה
Built in
הוא מחובר מרסיסים

עם כזאת אהבה
שבתוך הנשמה
היא כמו להבה
לא יכבו אותה

We stand together…

Though as a nation
We have faced
Painful and tragic times
We keep coming back stronger,
Braver, full of pride
Since we stood at Sinai
Our hearts and souls as one
We formed a bond that can’t be broken
We’re still thriving going strong

Give me a L
Give me a O
Give me a V E

Unbreakable, unbreakable
יחד לנצח
We’re unbreakable

Cuz love will always win
We’re  לנצח נצחים
עם אחד כולנו
ילדים של אלוקים

Unbreakable, unbreakable
When we stand together
We’re unbreakable