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At times like this we need to honor G-D by uniting to become one.
From the COVID-19 pandemic to the protests. The current situation we are all facing has created fear, uncertainty, and hopelessness in everyone worldwide. As a result, many people have lost their loved ones, their jobs or even their businesses. Overall, a lot of people are now left with no hope and no one to turn to.

After a few months of being in this situation, people have started feeling frustrated, worried, and angry. Anger and hatred have started roaming our streets. Groups of looters are smashing shops causing unnecessary destruction. Through it all, we have just become groups of people blaming each other, instead of uniting together as one.

The project started when Ariel Katz from Ahava Radio Network contacted the director of NY Film Production, Nataniel Khafizov, who orchestrated the direction of the project. Nataniel, could not think of a better theme and purpose, than, “giving all the honor to the one it belongs to, G-D. A message of unity for the entire world”. By using the stories and struggles the presenters of this project have personally faced and overcome we are able to promote inspiration, hope, and the overall theme of honoring G-D and unity.

To call this mini documentary a Global Jewish Unity Project, we collaborated with religious leaders, influencers, artists, directors and producers from Israel, America, Russia and countries all over Europe. Artists such as Gad Elbaz, Nissim Black, Benny Friedman, MODI, Dovid Pearlman, Eli Levin and Joey Newcomb. Influencers, media personalities and public figures such as Sivan Rahav-Meir, Jamie Geller, Eli Beer, Ariel Katz, Zvi Gluck, Meir Kay, Charlene Aminoff, Shimi Adar, Mica Soffer and Hillel Fuld. Religious leaders such as R.Shlomo Farhi and Chief Rabbi of Russia R.Berel Lazar. Directors and producers such as Daniel Finkelman from Sparks Next, Victoria Zirkiev from Hoshen and VZ Productions, Nataniel Khafizov from NY Film Production, Aharon and David Orian from Olam Media, Flow Motion Studios and many others.

The organisations and sponsors who helped make this project happen are Amudim, United Hatzalah, Lashon Hara, Chai LifeLine, ColLive, KayfLife and Kampai Hibachi.