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Here is the latest on the deadly Jersey City shootout which killed a police officer and five civilians.

The son of former NYPD commissioner Bernie Kerik is being hailed as the hero of the horrific attack at a Jewish market in Jersey City, New Jersey. Detective Joseph Kerik and two other officers were the first officers to exchange fire with the killers.

The two Jersey City attackers were indentified as 47-year-old David N. Anderson and 50-year-old Francine Graham. Both were found dead at the scene of the attack at a kosher market Tuesday in Jersey City. Anderson and Graham, clearly targeted the place, the Jersey City mayor said Wednesday, amid growing fears the bloodshed was an anti-Semitic attack.

Here is uncut video of the gunfight that took the lives of six people, taken by a neighbor.

On Wednesday night, Hundreds came to the Satmar shul in Brooklyn to mourn Jewish victim Moshe Deutsch, who was 24.