Today, Jerusalem’s best-loved viral food critic and social media sensation Shimshon Sam Leshinsky led a short-notice walking tour throughout the Clal Building (Binyan Clal) in Central Jerusalem.

Leshinsky has worked in the building for more than 20 years and treated those in attendance to lots of trivia about the often-decried buiding and its colorful history.

We visited a rooftop garden. Learned about a murder that took place on premises. And discovered what Shishon called some ‘shady corners’ of the property. Watch to find out more!

Short version / highlights:

Shimshon Eats Jerusalem Series 01, Episode 03.

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== Tour timestamps ==

00:00 – Introduction
00:02 – Jerusalem Anglo Community TV credit
00:30 – Leshinsky explains the historical significance of Binyan Clal
02:05 – Alliance Israélite Universelle
04:12 – Tour group gathers inside Binyan Clal
05:20 – Yigal Grayeff introduces LeNagen BaKef
06:24 – Leshinsky displays a defunct cinema
08:50 – A corridor that leads nowhere
09:15 – Minha (afternoon Jewish prayer) at a synagogue in the complex
09:44 – Murder scene
10:48 – Muslala rooftop garden
12:00 – Group walk attendees give thoughts on tour
12:35 – Shimshon poses for photograph with fan
13:20 – Sharon from Muslala explains the vision of the project
16:36 – Some of the local businesses in the complex
17:07 – Shimshon explores a sports store
19:40 – Shimshon shows an Ethiopian hairdresser
20:24 – Shimshon leads walking group through a car park
21:04 – Shimshon announces intention to buy pizza for the group
21:20 – The group pay a visit to the Yolo Bakery
22:18 – Worker at Yolo discusses highlights of the menu
23:10 – Eating pizza and fade to credits

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