More than eight months have passed since Russia first invaded Ukraine, decimating a once-thriving country and shattering lives. While the ongoing conflict no longer dominates headlines, the heartbreak continues for those who were forced to leave their homes with not much more than the clothes on their backs and, in a show of support, Broadway star Dudu Fisher and filmmaker Daniel Finkelman visited the Ukraine, assisting refugees on the Polish border and promising to share their story with the world.

Featuring devastating footage of bombed out cars and the skeletal remains of buildings that were once homes, Colors depicts the depths of horror in Ukraine, reflected ten-fold in the eyes of those who remain. Haunting music and lyrics by Cecelia Margules bring the desolation and destruction to life, with Fisher’s emotional performance simultaneously offering hope for a future where Ukraine will once again be filled with beautiful, vibrant color.

The decision to travel to the war-torn country was an easy one for Fisher, whose parents were saved from the Holocaust by Ukrainian citizens and Colors is dedicated in their honor. A SparksNext production directed by Daniel Finkelman and produced by Chaya Amor, Colors is a beacon of light in the darkness, a heartfelt prayer for a time when the grey pallor of war will give way to a brighter time, one where joy and justice will finally prevail.

Directed by Daniel Finkelman
Produced by Chaya Amor
Co Directed by Aharon Orian
Music and Lyrics by Cecelia Margules

Music Produced by Yitzchak Shem Tov
Director of Photography- Alon Lutsky
Associate Producer – Karin kajzarova
Co Producer – Helena Shot
Gaffer – Emil Rukat
Focus Puller – Przemyslaw Badowski
PA – Weronika Koczotowska

Post Production – JLM by Olam Media
Editing – Aviya Natan
Online – Aharon Orian
Color Grading – David Orian

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Avi Keller at ARK TAX

Abe at Diamond Leasing

Backup Vocals:
Tzvi Levine