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The Bonei Olam Vizakeini Initiative and I, are proud to present to you, a beautiful new version of their Vizakeini song.

This song was rewritten to reflect the unprecedented times that we are currently living in. We are all scared, worried, and heartbroken but we don’t and we can’t lose faith. We must channel our fears to our Father in Heaven, and beg Him by the candlelight, to end our suffering and keep us all safe.

Many people also have the custom to give some tzedaka right before they bench licht. Bonei Olam has a Vizakeini initiative where they give you an opportunity to sign up and donate $1 every Friday, so that you don’t forget to give a little something before shobbos. These funds go directly towards couples treatments as they wait for a child of their own, which costs $18k. If 18k women sign up, then EVERY SINGLE WEEK a fertility treatment is covered.

בזכות נשים צדקניות נגאלו אבותינו ממצרים ובזכותן עתידים להיגאל”
Our forefathers were redeemed in the merit of righteous women and in their merit, will they be redeemed in the future.
When times were darkest during the Egyptian exile, and Pharaoh decreed that Jews must drown all newborn baby boys, Amram divorced Yocheved, with all the Jewish men following suit. Miriam encouraged him to remarry Yocheved, thus enabling the birth of Moshe Rabbeinu and subsequently, the geulah.
Providing the opportunity for the birth of Yiddishe kinder is a powerful statement of emunah and a tremendous zechus. Please donate, especially in these dark and troubled times.

CALL: 646-506-3900
TEXT: MIRACLES to 484848

New lyrics by Miriam Israeli
Sung by Devorah Schwartz
Vocals produced by Chayala Neuhaus
Music produced, arranged and mixed by Doni Gross
Original Vizakeini song by Miriam Israeli and Boruch Levine