Warriors is back with all-new episodes, which you can watch even if you haven’t seen the first season. In the second season premiere, we encounter the soldiers in the midst of a military operation near Gaza. Eviatar and Ran are busy securing routes and defending towns while rockets and mortars whizz by over their heads; Yosef undergoes training as a Namer APC machine gunner, while Roi, “Benda”, is back home, where he has to deal both with the threat of rockets and a troublesome shoulder dislocation that casts doubt over his continued combat duty service.

While the guys learn to fight as a team, Benda is busy with his own personal battle. Will he manage to convince the doctors and commanders to keep him in the unit as an elite fighter, or will he have to kiss his military career goodbye?

They’ve worked so hard to get the purple beret, but now that it’s just a stone’s throw away, comes the realization that it might not be enough. Will the doctors and commanders allow Benda to stay? Will Eviatar manage to conquer the obstacle course? With only days away from the march to the purple beret, tensions are running high.