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We are as proud as can be that Shaharit`s message hit the political mainstage with Tehila Friedman`s first speech as a Member of Knesset. The speech is presently lighting up the Israeli internet, with millions of views on Facebook and counting.

Tehila has been a central figure in Shaharit for over a decade, running our Fellows program and recently launching our high profile religious Zionist leadership program.

Based on the interest this speech has generated in Israel, commentators are pointing out how much Israeli society is thirsty for a vision of Common Good rooted in the Israeli reality of conflicting worldviews.

We are so moved by Tehila`s unique voice and leadership, and how much her message is resonating throughout Israel.  We hope that you will also be moved by its emotional force and visionary passion – imagining an Israel that finds a place for all…

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1 comment

  • Absolutely brilliant. Would that more politicians could be this forthright. The close caption was sometimes too quick and a transcript should be made available.