From Blackbird Pictures, in association with the US Holocaust Museum and the Claude Lanzmann “Shoah” Collection, We Shall Not Die Now chronicles the Holocaust, when, between 1939 and 1945, over six million Jews and millions of others were systematically murdered by the Nazi regime. Seventy-five years after the conclusion of the war, the film explores not only the horrific human tragedy and what we can learn from it, but also the resilience of those that rebuilt their lives in spite of the unimaginable. Told by the survivors and liberators who experienced it first hand such as Cantor Moshe Taube (number twenty-two on Schindler’s List) and Ben Ferencz (concentration camp liberator and last living prosecutor of the Nuremberg trials), We Shall Not Die Now is a journey of despair, hope, and the triumph of the human spirit through history’s darkest hours.

With the help of the US Holocaust Museum`s archival team and Claude Lanzmann’s daughter, Angelique, the production was able to explore dozens of hours of unused material filmed for the 1985 documentary “Shoah.” Select reels of that footage was incorporated into the film with the blessing of the Lanzmann family. The film also includes new footage filmed at the camps in Poland, new interviews with survivors and liberators, and original music composed by Golden-globe nominated composer, Benjamin Wallfisch.

The film was created by 19-year-old Indianapolis-based filmmaker Ashton Gleckman, who traveled around the country to interview survivors. He worked with the various memorial sites in Poland to film at the concentration camps and historical sites and went on to edit the film and help to compose the score. The film commemorates the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.



Directed by Ashton Gleckman

Produced by Miriam Sternlicht, Samantha Maynard, and Gi Orman

Executive Produced by Diane and Rachel Simon, Eric and Laura Tobias, Ari and Jennifer Gleckman, and Bernard Hiller

Music by Benjamin Wallfisch, Ashton Gleckman, and Michael Frankenberger

Coloring by Daniel Ronacher

Post-Production Sound by Rich Aitken

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