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This week on History of Israel Explained, we’re continuing our look at Israel’s War of Independence.

Depending on where you stood in 1948, the war that broke out following the declaration of Israeli independence was a war of self-determination and sovereignty; of liberation and even of catastrophe (Nakba in Arabic).

By the end of the war, Israel had lost 1% of its population, including 2,000 survivors of the Holocaust.

Some 700,000 of the indigenous Arab population were exiled or had fled the country and over 15,000 had been killed.

And in response to the Israeli victory, more than 850,000 Jews living in Iran and Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa were expelled from their homelands.

This was not an easy time – for anyone.

Join us as we continue piecing together those difficult days and discuss how the 1948 War of Independence changed the region forever.

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Israel’s War of Independence