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Have you ever caught yourself saying “Oh my gosh” instead of using the actual word “God”? We might do this without thinking, but this habit actually traces back to the third commandment, “Lo tisa,” “Do not take the name of your Lord in vain.” In this episode, I dive into the implications of this commandment to uncover how we, as individuals, have the power to infuse the mundane with the sacred.

00:00 What is a “minced oath”?
00:46 The 3rd Commandment, Do Not Take G-d’s Name in Vain
01:20 Internet outage
03:12 What is “civilized society”, really?
03:50 Reality is flimsy
05:03 Sacred objects are not sacred in and of themselves
05:53 Perception is reality
06:36 We have the power to make things sacred
07:26 Outro

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Executive Producers:
Shalom Schwartz
Nitzan Bergman

Gold Level:
Lauren & Ezra Kest
Charles Crane Family Foundation
In loving memory of Ezriel ben David z”l

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Sharf Family

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Cornberg Family

This video was co-produced by The Aseret Movement and OpenDor Media. The Aseret Movement is devoted to introducing and teaching people, regardless of affiliation, to the Ten Commandments as a simple and profound way to live a meaningful life. For more information go to
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