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–Song credits —
Musical Producer: Gad Elbaz
Composer: Gad Elbaz
Lyrics: Gad Elbaz

— When I Fall – Lyrics —
Stay with me and watch me try
I know your here when u see me cry
You’re a piece of me you’re in my veins
Even when I’m far and feeling gray
U can see it all I can’t run away

Don’t you forget me don’t let me go
I pray you’ll be with me
from the depth of my soul
Oh please forgive me cause
I want u to know
I’m learning to grow
Oh… You will always be the one
that holds me when I fall When I fall when I fall.

I still Remember when I stumble down
U held me tight I embrace the light
Step by step I’ll reach the top
I Won’t look down U lift me up
I will give it all Now I’m here to stay

Directed by: Daniel Finkelman
Produced by : Shlomi Cohen
Producer / PR: Victoria Zirkiev
Musical Director: Asaf Shor
Conductor: Mark Berman
DJ: Jason Gold
MC: Adam Margules
Choreographer: Zvika Bornstein
VJ: Shmulik Van Harush, Chaim Vaknin
Lighting designer & Technical producer: Mendy Boaron
Sound Engineer: Eli Lishinsky

Production team
Art director: Malky Goldman
Stage manager: Liat Kraus
Marketing – Max Shemesh
Shmulik Tzipris

Director Yankee Teitelbaum
Assistant Director Chaya Greenberg
Cover design : GRPHIC – NADAV

Motty Engel
Imany Kay
Steve Marchiarullo
John Proctor
Phil Isglesias
Avrohom S Ezaquie

Yissy Freeman
Sparks Next Studio

Conductor: Mark Berman
Guitar – John Bongiovanni
Drums – Asaf Shor
Keyboards – Steve Myerson
Bass – Zack Westfall
Sax – Dave Pollack
Trombone – Jim Lutz
Trumpet – Joey Pero
Acoustic Guitar – Jason Hochman
Percussion – Dave Halpern
Bouzouki/Oud – Mavrothi Kontanis
Guitar – Yanky Katina
Meir Briskman Orchestra producer
Daniel Zinn- Violin/orchestra manager
Adam Kramer- Viola
Avital Mazor-Violin
Leickie Gluck-viola
Laura Melnicoff-cello
DJ: Jason Gold

Executive producers:
Jon Batash | Cecelia Margules | Remi Jacobson
Adam Margules | Rick Elbaz | Eddie Levian


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Management and production
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33177471253 – France

PR & Productions
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