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In 1988, Binyamin Netanyahu, a rising star in Israeli politics, was elected a member of the Knesset on behalf of the Likud. Since then, with only a short break, he has been on the political stage, and will soon surpass Ben-Gurion in his years at the head of the state. how does he do it? This Kan series from 2018 follows the most influential politician in Israel.

Episode 1: He was recruited almost by chance for outreach activities at a university in Boston, quickly stood out, and was given the position of ambassador to the United Nations. From there he returned as an idol, conquered the Likud and along the way invented – according to senior Israeli Broadcasting Authority officials – the “hot tape”.

Episode 2: As opposition leader, he used to go to every scene of an attack, be interviewed, and attack the leadership. After the murder in the square, when it seemed that his chances were slim, he followed the lines set by Arthur Finkelstein – “Israeli versus Jew” and “fear alongside hope”, and managed to beat Peres while injured But only after the victory celebrations subsided, the young prime minister realized that the hardest part was still ahead of him.

Episode 3: The attack from home following the Hebron agreement as prime minister, the successful term as finance minister but saturated with public criticism caused Netanyahu painful discrimination in the general elections and in his party. The defeats taught him a lesson – and Netanyahu began to develop a media obsession.

Episode 4: Since the 2009 elections, Binyamin Netanyahu has won three elections, and currently he seems almost invincible. On the other hand, he is entangled in criminal investigations, the people closest to him have become state witnesses against him, and he is more isolated than ever before. Will he manage to come out of the last entanglements as a winner?