Sure, we know that the music of Idan Raichel has been heard around the world. Of course, we’re well aware of the cultural barriers shattered by Idan’s multicultural collaborations. And yes, we always knew that Idan had an international following around the world.

But when we heard this cover of Idan’s “Milim Yafot Me’eileh” on Korean radio, we nearly fell out of our chair!

The K-Pop group RabidAnce (라비던스) paid a visit to Arirang Radio, and sang this song live on the air. While we don’t know much about RabidAnce (becase we don’t speak Korean!), we can tell you that band members John Noh, Ko yeong yeol, Hwang Gun Ha, and Kim Paul did a fantastic job with the song.

Singing in powerful four-part harmony, the band did an amazing job covering this Hebrew song. You’ve never heard Idan Raichel’s music quite like this!

The Israeli song written by Idan – and sung by frequent Idan Raichel Project collaborator Cabra Casay – is already a classic. Featuring with a mix of Hebrew and Indian lyrics (sung by Liora Yitzchak), the song originally appeared on Idan’s 2005 album “Mima’amakim”.