The Houthis aren’t your ordinary rebels; they’re fueled by a mix of anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiment, Jew-hatred, and Islamic fundamentalism, and, surprisingly, they’ve captured the attention and fascination of an audience ranging from TikTok influencers to college students with their viral videos of synchronized dancing and singing.

By understanding the history of Yemen, a nation marred by instability and foreign intervention, the roots of the Houthi movement as a response to Saudi influence and domestic corruption, become clearer.

00:00 Intro
00:34 Yemen geopolitical background
00:52 Saudi Arabia interference in domestic affairs
01:30 Houthi tribe’s response to Saudi interference
01:51 Ansar Allah (The Houthi movement)
02:15 Houthi extremism
02:48 Houthis clash with Yemeni government
03:37 Houthi nationalism attracts support of Iranian
03:58 Humanitarian crisis
04:51 Houthi involvement in the Gaza War
05:21 Houthi ideology
06:41 Viral Houthi music video and reactions
07:10 Houthi attacks on merchant ships
08:01 Far- left American support of the Houthis
08:30 Timhouthi Chalamet
08:49 What’s next for the Houthis?

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Ansar Allah (AKA the Houthi Movement)
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