Why is the US pushing for more aid to Gaza while also cutting funding to the largest Palestinian aid agency? Will the recent deaths of U.S. soldiers in Jordan turn up the heat on a potential regional war? Why do thousands of Israelis support the reestablishment of Jewish communities in Gaza? Why are Palestinian refugees the only refugee population with their own UN refugee aid agency? We’re covering all this and more on Today Unpacked.

00:00 Intro
00:10 UNRWA employees participated in Oct. 7 massacre
00:40 Iran-backed militants kill 3 US soldiers in Jordan
01:20 Israeli forces raid Jenin hospital, kill 3 militants
01:42 “Return to Gaza” Conference
02:01 Why do some Israelis want to live in Gaza?
03:58 Why do Palestinians have their own UN refugee agency?
06:38 How do UNRWA and Hamas function together in Gaza?
08:00 Why it’s time for UNRWA to go
09:08 Maccabee victory, astronaut Ilan Ramon, Adar I, the prophet Ezekiel
10:17 Ceasefire and hostage deal on the horizon?
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