Following the 1948 U.S. arms embargo on Israel leading up to the Israeli War of Independence, Harry Levine and 18 other American Jews accepted David Ben-Gurion’s plea and began a secret and extremely complicated operation to smuggle weapons overseas to the Hagana. This operation was possibly the most organized global joint effort the Jewish people had ever made.

00:00 Intro
00:49 UN Palestine Partition Plan
01:15 Israel War of Independence
01:52 British rule over Palestine
02:17 Jewish defiance of British law
02:35 Illegal immigration of Holocaust refugees to Palestine
03:15 The 3 Jewish underground militias
03:36 State of the Hagana’s weaponry
04:04 David Ben Gurion appeals to American Jews
04:35 Who was Harry Levine?
05:27 19 American Jews agree to help
05:48 US arms embargo on Israel
06:37 How they obtained and smuggled the weapons
09:19 How to build an illegal army
09:58 How does the story end?

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