Does monogamy actually make us happier? Of course marriage has many societal benefits, but I wasn’t sure that, on an individual level, limiting sexual expression to just one person makes people qualitatively more happy. In this episode, I looked into the seventh commandment, “Lo tin’af,” “Do not commit adultery,” and learned how to overcome the “paradox of choice” – by limiting our choices we can actually achieve greater satisfaction and happiness.

00:00 Does monogamy make people happier?
00:49 The 7th Commandment, lo tin’af
02:11 The Paradox of Choice
04:18 Reducing choice causes more satisfaction
04:40 Unconstrained freedom causes paralysis
05:20 Constricting the sexual relationship
06:34 The most important verse in the Torah
07:45 There are no shortcuts
09:02 Outro

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