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This week, we’re examining President Donald Trump’s decision to place the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. While Trump actually moved the embassy, the decision to swap Tel Aviv for Jerusalem was taken almost a quarter of a century before by President Bill Clinton. So what happened? How come the embassy move took another 23 years, what are the implications of Trump’s big move and why is the Jerusalem issue so sensitive anyway? To find out, in this week’s History of Israel Explained, we’re taking a deep dive into Jerusalem through the ages. From King David to the Six Day War, we’re going to unpack the complicated position of this ancient city that everyone wants and no one is prepared to compromise on. What do you think? Should Israelis have the right to choose their own capital, despite contested borders, would compromise on the issue of Jerusalem increase the possibility of peace and just what are the implications of Trump’s decision? Drop your reactions to the issues raised in this week’s video in the comments below. Subscribe and check out more awesome UNPACKED videos! GET SOCIAL @ UNPACKED

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