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A PILOT’S BAR MITZVAH: As Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld, Head of the Food Service Department of OK Kosher, was deplaning on a United Airlines flight he took a moment to thank the pilot who responded with a hearty “zei gezunt!” (be well in Yiddish).⁣

“When he said that, I asked him, ‘are you Jewish?'” Rabbi Weinfeld told COLlive. “He said yes and I asked him, ‘have you put on Tefillin?'”⁣

The pilot replied that he had once before, and he was happy to put on again. As he was helping the pilot with wrapping Tefillin in the cockpit, the co-pilot walked in and commented that he is also Jewish, remarking that he knows the ashram but he had never put Tefillin on in his life. ⁣

Both pilots ended up putting on Tefillin and the three broke into a joyous dance of ‘siman tov u’mazel tov,’ celebrating a Bar Mitzvah right there in the cockpit of the United Airlines plane.⁣

“After the flight, the pilot was in touch, and told me that his family is thrilled that he had a Bar Mitzvah, and said that he would like to keep in touch to learn more,” Rabbi Weinfeld said.

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