This year has been quite a year. Many would describe it as a roller coaster. When reflecting on what we have been through during these past few months, a medley of songs came to mind. Ishay Ribo is one of my favorite composers and his songs have been so comforting to me through these past few months, through all the ups and downs. As I listened to these songs, I realized that they intertwine and relay a powerful message. We all go through challenges and struggles and often lose our way. We battle between our physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. We may question why we had to endure the pain and struggle, but when we recover, it makes us stronger individually – stronger in our relationships, and stronger spiritually. Sometimes the path home is hard to find, but we must remember that there is always a path home.

I grew up in a family that has ingrained in me a true love and passion for our homeland, Israel. My father, grandfather, uncles, and cousins all served in the IDF. I have seen firsthand the sacrifice that these soldiers make to protect our land. By doing so, they protect our nation across the world, wherever we may be. What we do not always see is that these young men and women who make this sacrifice face physical and psychological trauma after their service, and their road to recovery is often difficult and painful. It is our obligation to honor these men and women. I chose to dedicate this song to Belev Echad because the organization ensures that the men and women of the IDF forces who need support after their service receive the support they need to live productive and well-adjusted lives.