A new documentary series to mark the 75th anniversary of the State of Israel: the story of Israel in the last generation – from Rabin’s assassination to the judicial reform.

The Fires of the Tribes is a social-historical series, with five episodes, based on personal testimonies combined with archival materials that bring the story of Israel’s disintegration into the tribes, which is reaching its climax these very days. The series describes how major events in the last generation influenced and shaped the consciousness and identity of many Israelis and how society reached the state it is in today – divided, suspicious and divided.

The series begins with the signing of the Oslo Accords and the assassination of Rabin, events that in the eyes of many mark the beginning of the loss of Israeli “statehood”. From there, the series continues to engage from personal perspectives in a series of formative events: Netanyahu’s rise to power and the “death” of the center-left camp with the failure of the Camp David summit, the events of October 2000, the disengagement and reverberations that resonate to this day, the social protest and the birth of the new Israeli center, the murder of the three boys And “the settlement in the hearts” and on the other hand the wedding of hate

The series touches on the present, from the social significance of the Netanyahu trial and the Balfour protests, the events of the wall guards and the corona to these very days with the rift in Israeli society, around the legal revolution. In fact, this is the first Israeli documentary series that deals, as a documentary, with the events of the legal revolution, at the time of its formation, without knowing how this chapter in Israeli history will end

The participants of the series were carefully selected as representatives of the various Israeli tribes, accompanied by sociologists, historians and Israeli citizens from all over the spectrum, who together will tell the Israeli story with its many narratives and gaps of the past generation.

Episode 2: 2000- 2006

Episode 3: 1996 – 2011

Episode 4: 2012-2016

Episode 5: 2015-2023