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“Jerusalem” is HOT’s first collaboration in Israel with the content and distribution company ITV and in the production of DRAMA TEAM: a loaded, compressed and rough hyper-realistic series starring Doron Ben David, Rotem Sela and Zvika Hadar that takes place in the holiest place in the world – the Old City of Jerusalem. A claustrophobic square mile is surrounded by cameras and walls that contain the content of brutal struggles for control between the official representatives of God. Dark passions, corruption, looting, and the blind faith that allows all this to happen. When the only thing that prevents this concentrated capsule from exploding at any given moment is the status quo entrusted to David Area police officers who have long realized that in order to maintain the holy place in the world sometimes you must be corrupt.

Actors: Doron Ben David, Rotem Sela, Zvika Hadar, Hisham Suleiman, Nasrin Kadri, Ala Deka and more.
Creator: David Ackerman
Director: Ilan Abodi

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