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I began singing Good Day two-years ago. I was in a rut and didn`t appreciate my day-to-day. When I sighed, though, it was like an answer to a question I hadn`t asked, yet. Where`d you get your breath at? I thought, can`t buy breath at Amazon or the Apple Store; I got to recognize that each breath is a gift; sing about it; and higher still, dance about it. There`s a battle raging that`s not reported on CNN. We got energy and talents. An enemy within tries to derail them. Anger, inadequacy . . . just a few tricks in the enemy`s trick bag. That dude is wicked smart, an MMA champion manipulating us from every angle. Hope is that we can overpower this dude and get him to work for us. Hope is knowing that we can focus all our energies and talents for the pursuit of real joy and unity. There is so much going on these days. But there`s always been a lot going on. The medium of the news and the news casters change, but the underlying game stays the same. We got to free our neshama aka soul. Let`s roll. – Y. Shofario
The debut album “Free Neshama” is waiting in line at CDBaby to fly . . . coming soon. Thanks for all the support. Please subscribe and let`s grow this positive community. As always, thanks to the all-star team listed below.

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Video Credits:
Director, Cinematographer, and Editor: Eliran Cohen of Chuchi Creative

Music Credits:
Producer: Segulatime
Producer and Arranger: David Adda
Lyrics and comp: Y. Shofario
Lead vocals: Y. Shofario
Keyboard and Backup Vocals: David Adda
Solo Guitar: Lazer Lloyd
Guitar: Amit Yitzchak
Bass: Shacham Ohana
Drums: Aviv Bonen
Saxophone: Yakir Sasson
Trumpet: Arthur Krasnobaev
Trombone: Yaron Ouzana
Recorded at Bardos Studios in Ramat Gan, Israel
Recording Engineer: Erez Caspi
Mixing and Mastering: Erez Caspi
Pro Tools programming: Yonatan Kossov

(c) 2020

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