I was ten and my brother was seven. We were in elementary school in Baltimore when it happened. A sudden heart attack and our mom passed. The news exploded in my head followed by ringing for years. No goodbyes. Now I know it’s not goodbye at all. B’ahava, with love, from Jerusalem

The 12-song album “Free Neshama” out on all major platforms this August. Special thanks to David Adda, Eliran Cohen, Erez Caspi, and the cast of all-star musicians.

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Video Credits:
Director, Cinematographer, and Editor: Eliran Cohen of Chuchi Creative

Music Credits:
Producer: Segulatime Ltd.
Producer and Arranger: David Adda
Lyrics and comp: Y. Shofario
Lead vocals: Y. Shofario
Keyboard and Backup Vocals: David Adda
Backup Vocals: Jonathan Hill
Guitar: Amit Yitzchak
Bass: Shacham Ohana
Drums: Aviv Bonen
Violin: Oren Tsor
Percussion: Yarom Ittah
Recorded at Bardos Studios in Ramat Gan, Israel
Recording Engineer: Erez Caspi
Mixing and Mastering: Erez Caspi
Pro Tools programming: Yonatan Kossov

(c) 2020

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