Y-Studs – Evolution of Shabbat
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Lead Vocals Performed by Y-Studs A Cappella
Arranged by Craig Resmovits
Recorded by Nathaniel Ribner
Edited by Jeff Eames
Mixed by Ed Boyer
Mastered by Dave Sperandio
Additional Audio Production by Ari Mandelbaum, Akiva Abramowitz, Cory Hecht

Directed by Miriam Bursky-Tammam

Video shot and edited by:
Shlomo Weprin – Shlomotions – shlomotions.com
Additional editing by Eitan Rubin, Cory Hecht, Kevin Perlitsh

Filmed on location at:
Stand Up NY
Congregation Ohr Saadya of Teaneck

Special thanks to Josh Eisenberg, Congregation Beth Aaron of Teaneck, Gedalia Penner Robinson, Jeff Thacher, and Yossi Zweig

Y-Studs A Cappella:
Dovid Abramovitz | Akiva Abramowitz
Tsvi Benschar | Moshe Caplan | Yossi Dietz
CJ Glicksman | Cory Hecht | Ari Mandelbaum
Kevin Perlitsh | Eitan Rubin | Jacob Siegel

KZYS Productions: Eitan Rubin & Jordan B. “Gorf” Gorfinkel

0:11 – Friday Night Tefillah (Kabbalat Shabbat)
0:51 – Welcoming Shabbat
1:13 – Friday Night Kiddush
1:26 – Friday Night Meal (Zemirot)
2:02 – Shabbat Morning Tefillah (Shacharit)
2:32 – Shabbat Morning Tefillah (Torah Service)
2:58 – Shabbat Morning Tefillah (Musaf)
3:22 – Shabbat Day Meal (Zemirot)
4:14 – Third Meal (Seudah Shelishit)
4:33 – Concluding Shabbat (Havdalah)

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