As a child, Yaakov Rosenblatt was a soloist in the Miami Boys Choir. Later, he sang backup vocals on some albums for Mordechai Ben David. Recently, he was featured as a soloist on the Pittsburgher Chasidim Albums.

Yaakov, who now resides in Los Angeles, California, is releasing his debut single in time for Chanukah titled Al Hanisim – In thanks and appreciation to G-d for the miracles that He performed to save the Jewish people from the mighty Assyrian-Greeks. The Jews were miraculously victorious and were able to rededicate the Bais Hamikdash (Holy Temple) and light the Menorah in purity.

The pure oil which was found for the Menorah was only enough to last for one day and night, but miraculously kept on burning for 8 days and nights, until new oil was able to be brought. In celebration of this, Jewish people throughout the world rejoice on Chanukah. They light Menorahs for eight nights of CHANUKAH and utilize this time for extra prayers and songs of thanks to G-d for all the miracles and wonders that He did for them.

Composed and sung by Yaakov Rosenblatt
Arrangements by Sam Glaser
Recorded at Glaser Musicworks Los Angeles, CA