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יעקב שוואקי – אני יכול
I Can Be 2.0 – Yaakov Shwekey
Composed: Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics: Sophia Franco
Original Arranged: Udi Damari
New Arranged: Guy Dan
Mixed: Ian Freitor
Video Animation: MediaPro

מילים Lyrics

I am a child
And the road ahead is paved with possibility
Laughter and smiles
When I`m with you I`m soaring high and free
When you`re in my world
I believe in me
I look into your eyes… and see that

I can be stronger
I can be braver
I can be anything
Anything I want to be
I have the power
I have the courage
I am a hero
Everything I need is inside of me

Life throws me fire
And fate will test me ten million ways
Sometimes I`m tired
It`s hard to see the light of better days
But then I dare to dream
I find the hope for more
I reach for all you gave and see that

Life is the people we love
And what we give to one another
Loving is giving, giving is life

You can be stronger
You can be braver
You can be anything
Anything you want to be
You have the power
You have the courage
You are a hero
Everything you need is inside of you

I am a fighter
I am a dreamer
I am a hero
Everything I am
Cause you believed in me