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This song was inspired by one such hero, a young person who tried so hard to push away the waves of pain and misery. They are not alone. There are so many young people who see only hardship and hopelessness, who se- cretly wonder if it’s all worth it…it is to them that we speak, to them that we sing. Find the courage and strength to live, dear brothers and sisters. For life itself is not the question, but the answer too.
In honor of Jay Amsel, a man who cherishes every moment of life, through his generosity and love for others.

I feel like I have nothing, ohhhh I, can barely see ahead I, I don’t see tomorrow, oh I’m hanging on by a thread. But a wise man told me celebrate your scars,
These signs of life, they make you who you are….

Cause I’ve got a fire burning inside, ooohhh….
And I have a spark that fills me with pride, oooohhhh
Even when I’m feeling down, even when I’m on the ground, its glowing, glowing,
I close my eyes and hold on tight, ready to take on the fight, I’m going going going… The wonder of life

I, I can’t see the promise, ohhh, I don’t believe what they say I, I can’t feel the sunshine, ohhhh I, can’t trust the new day But a wise man told me son reach deep within
Said falling down is the only way to win

So I’m gonna find that fire inside, ohhhhhhh
And I’m gonna feel my heart open wide, ooohhhh
Even when I’m feeling low, even when they tell me no, I’m going, going, going, Places only I can see, reaching for eternity, I’m showing, showing, showing The wonder of life.