From nine to five
That wheel just keeps on turning
The rush the drive
A week of working
Never evading our goal
Till a moment creates a transformation
Within our soul

Time to unwind
The daily grind is over
And we can find
The peace of mind
The light inside that makes us whole
In a moment that dates back to creation
Hashem’s in control

We let out a sigh
And look up to the sky
As the sun sets on all our cares
So happy it’s finally here

Baruch Hashem it’s Shabbos
גוט שאבעס

We’re signing out
Of all the wheeling-dealing
We’re zooming in
And getting close to the Creator of it all
Till the moment that brings a separation
בין קודש לחול

Let’s turn around
And seek the inner meaning
That can be found
When we step out of our day to day routine
It’s a moment our souls find elevation
While greeting a queen

We let out a sigh
As we tell her goodbye
And escort her upon her way
It’s just six more days till we say

Baruch Hashem it’s Shabbos
גוט שאבעס

יום השישי
ויכלו השמים והארץ וכל צבאם
ויכל אלוקים ביום השביעי
מלאכתו אשר עשה
וישבת ביום השביעי