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Lyrics: Eyes pop, mind’s already racing New day, what will I be facing? Where is my ride? My coffee’s cold again! Wake up, kids, the bus is coming Miles of homework, tell me, where you’re running? Pressure’s rising fast and here we go again But, when your day is going backwards And it swallows you Open up your eyes, The good is right in front of you It’s been 340 days Thanking you ten million ways That – I AM ALIVE, I AM ALIVE Breathing, singing, standing strong Skies are blue What could be wrong? That – I AM ALIVE, I AM ALIVE Moonlight… the stars are all around me Was dark, but now the light has found me The world is turning every day for me I know each moment is a treasure Thanking you for every stone and feather What are you grateful for today, my friend? And when your day is going right Just say a simple prayer Thanking you for the little things that, That help to get you there We all want to live forever But we all seem to forget We haven’t lived the days The weeks, the months, the years I had yet, we need to stand here On the green grass, Need to feel the Sunshine now. Need to see what’s right Before us , today is all We have for now