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Light Up the Night – Yaakov Shwekey

The new song is now available everywhere. This song is a message to everyone! The message of light up the night was inspired by the knowledge that every single person no matter what the challenges is a true light! Anxiety and fear have to be dispelled So we can all sing together as one! No matter how dark it appears sometimes we always know that “Together” we can light up the night!!

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Lyrics: Guy Ben-Gad
Composed by: Yitzy Waldner, Tom Goldstein, Shavit Dermer
Musical Producers: Tom Goldstein, Shavit Dremer
Marketing/Social Media: Sruly Meyer
For bookings: 1-212-SHWEKEY

Light up the night

When it’s dark outside
Look around, feel the vibe
the heat inside
The beating heart
It’s time to dance
light up the night

Light up the night
Release your fears
to the sky

Light up the night
share your dreams
With the world

Light up the night
Show the world,
It’s time to heal.
And build a home
To grow.

When the stars are aligned
follow through, share the light
The center’s here
A place of love
It’s time to breath
Light up your life

Lyric Video by OlamMedia
Visual artist: Yaakov Lopes
Concept / Co-editor: Aharon Orian