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For 15 years, after capturing the territory during the Six Day War, Israelis settled in the Sinai Peninsula. But then came the Camp David Accords, that handshake on the White House lawn a promise to return the land to Egypt and Israel’s time in Sinai was up. But one community refused to leave their homes. Refused to believe the Israeli government would abandon them. Even in the name of peace. On this week’s History of Israel Explained, we’re examining the evacuation of Yamit and exploring the idea of giving up land for (the promise) of peace. Let us know what you think of this week’s episode. Is it worth trading land for peace or was the price paid in Egypt, and in Gaza in 2005, too high? Drop your reactions to these questions and any other issues raised in the video in the comments section below. Subscribe and check out more awesome UNPACKED videos! GET SOCIAL @ UNPACKED

———– Photo/Video Credit: – GPO/TEL OR BENI/Sa’ar Yaacov/HERMAN CHANANIA/AMOS BEN GERSHOM/MOSHE MILNER/KOREN ZIV – Ling.nut – Gage Skidmore THANK YOU TO OUR SUPPORTERS: Executive Producers: – Shevi Peters – Adam Milstein Platinum Level: – Rachel & Jack ז”ל Gindi Family Foundation – Lily and Kam Babaoff – Meryl and Sam Solomon, Beit Zayit This series would not be possible without the generous support of: – The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation ———– #Israel #History #Education Yamit: Exchanging Land for Peace