The Israeli Air Force’s “Yanshuf” (Owl) UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter entered service with the IAF in 1994 and is used for rescuing and evacuating the wounded, as well as tactical assault transport missions. Its high maneuverability and survivability, strong engines and high cargo carry capacity make it the optimal helicopter for complex and difficult rescue and transport missions.

Operation ‘Grapes of Wrath’ began on April 11th, 1996 in response to heightened tension between Israel and Lebanon due an increasing number of Hezbollah rocket attacks on northern Israel. This was the first time the Black Hawks saw wartime action in the IAF. They successfully carried out a wide range of operations, some at night and in adverse weather.

UH-60 Black Hawk in numbers:
Maximum speed: 225 mph
Maximum flight range: 1,013 mi
Weight Empty: 12,566 lb
Maximum weight: 22,046 lb
Climb Rate: 450 feet per minute