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Written and Performed by Yerachmiel
Produced by Mendy Portnoy
Mastered by Yaron Safer

Seleucid greeks
Took control
They Crushed my faith
And Torched my home
We ran and hid
In nearest cave

But he was brave
Though old and frail
His sons with him
Fought them well
So we emerged
And took the stage

Never give up
When all hope seems lost
Theres light at the end of the road
So the story goes
When an olive is crushed
And whats left is but a small little drop
Oil will rise to the top

Shine one me
When your light is strong
Dig down deep
To find your song
And when its cold outside
And you cant feel your toes

What shows the way
Is a loving heart
Whats more than brave
Than the art of war
To forgive and live as one