TYH Nation Presents
YID / Bracha Jaffe

In the beginning, this iconic song, Yid, in its original composition by Chayala Neuhaus and rendition by Benny Friedman, was written during a time of great Jewish devastation. The song emerged as a reminder of who we are as Am Yisrael, one big family. The lyrics called on each of us to stay strong in the knowledge that, even in the hardest times, our backbones of Achdus and Emunah never allow us to break or falter.

As time and life went on, we recognized that the happy and sad moments ebb and flow as they always do throughout the cycle of life. And we realized that this song is not heavy or aching, but positive and uplifting. It makes every listener want to dance and sing at the top of their lungs!

So, together with Bracha Jaffe, TYH Nation set out to mix this mashup and offer it as a rallying cry to our fellow Jews. This version asks every listener, “What does it mean to you to be a Yid?” It evokes in them the pride and confidence that we as a nation never bend, break, or give up. We never fold on our faith and love for each other. That makes us the Jewish nation.

This is our anthem—a song taken from the dark and the heavy, and brought into the light.