Composed and Performed by Benzion Klatzko
Arranged by Yisroel Ament
Video by Yitzchok Klatzko
A Production

הולחנה על ידי הרב בן ציון קלצקו
מבוצע על ידי הרב בן ציון קלצקו
מאורגן על ידי ישראל אמנט
הפקת סרטון על ידי יצחק קלצקו

יגדל אלוהים חי וישתבח
נמצא ואין עת אל מציאותו
אחד ואין יחיד כייחודו
נעלם וגם אין סוף לאחדותו
אין לו דמות הגוף ואינו גוף
לא נערוך אליו קדושתו
קדמון לכל דבר אשר נברא
ראשון ואין ראשית לראשיתו
הינו אדון עולם לכל נוצר
יורה גדולתו ומלכותו
לא קם בישראל כמשה עוד
נביא ומביט את תמונתו
גומל לאיש חסיד כמפעלו
נותן לרשע רע כרשעתו
מתים יחיה ברוב חסדו
ברוך עדי עד שם תהילתו

Exalted be the Living God, and praise He exists and his existence is unbound by time

He is One and there is no unity like his Oneness, inscrutable and infinite is his Oneness

He has neither form of body nor is he corporeal nor may his holiness be compared to aught

He preceded all that was created the First, and nothing preceded His precedence

Behold, the Master of the universe to all creations demonstrating His greatness and sovereignty An abundance of prophecy he has bestowed upon His treasured and splendorous people

There has not arisen in Israel another like Moses, a prophet who beheld His image

A Torah of truth God gave his nation by means of His prophet, the faithful of His house

God will never exchange or alter His Law for any other, for all eternity
He sees and knows our most hidden secrets, He perceives a matter’s outcome at its inception He rewards man with kindness according to his works,

He places evil on the wicked according to his wickedness.

He will send our Messiah at the End of Days to redeem those waiting for His final salvation God will revive the dead in His abundant kindness

May His splendorous Name be blessed forever more

The great codifier of Torah law and Jewish philosophy, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (“Maimonides” also known as “The Rambam”), compiled what he refers to as the Shloshah Asar Ikkarim, the “Thirteen Fundamental Principles” of the Jewish faith, as derived from the Torah. Maimonides refers to these thirteen principles of faith as “the fundamental truths of our religion and its very foundations.” The Thirteen Principles of Jewish faith are the basis of the song “Yigdal” and are as follows:

1. Belief in the existence of the Creator, who is perfect in every manner of existence and is the Primary Cause of all that exists.

2. The belief in G‑d`s absolute and unparalleled unity.

3. The belief in G‑d`s non-corporeality, nor that He will be affected by any physical occurrences, such as movement, or rest, or dwelling.

4. The belief in G‑d`s eternity.

5. The imperative to worship G‑d exclusively and no foreign false gods.

6. The belief that G‑d communicates with man through prophecy.

7. The belief in the primacy of the prophecy of Moses our teacher.

8. The belief in the divine origin of the Torah.

9. The belief in the immutability of the Torah.

10. The belief in G‑d`s omniscience and providence.

11. The belief in divine reward and retribution.

12. The belief in the arrival of the Messiah and the messianic era.

13. The belief in the resurrection of the dead.