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Yirmiyahu takes a walk through Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda open air market (AKA “the shuk”) with tour guide and Jewish food researcher Joel Haber. Together they explore (and taste!) unique dishes that originate from five different countries while learning about the history of Jewish people throughout the Diaspora.

00:00 Intro
00:17 About Shuk Mahane Yehuda (Jerusalem open air market)
00:46 Malawach, jachnun, and schug / zhug (Yemenite food)
03:19 Baked mashed potato (Spanish food)
05:33 Kubbe / Kubbeh (Lebanese food)
06:52 Arepas (Colombian & Venezuelan food)
09:26 Khachapuri (USSR Georgian food)
11:37 What is Israeli food?

Special thanks to:
-Joel Haber, Tour Guide and Jewish Food Researcher
Jewish Food History: /
Tours: /
-Jachnun Bar: Gury Yariv
-Manou BaShuk: Manou and Sophie Saadia
-Patata: Judith Benzaquen
-Pepitos: Andrés Gonzalez
-YOLO: Alexander Gelfand

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Водник at ru.wikipedia
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Andrey Filippov
The Palmach Archive
National Photo Collection of Israel, Photography dept. Goverment Press Office
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Executive Producer:
— Barry Skolnick
Co-Executive Producer:
— Shmuel Katz

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