Unlike the secular worldview, Jewish history looks at individuals and at details. And although we have closely followed the general conflict in Israel, we are at arm’s length from the war.

Hearing first-hand some of the challenges that Yona Pinchos Gedalia ben Soroh Chana faced, will thereby give a deeper perspective to what Israel is experiencing.



00:00 Introduction and Purpose of the Episode

03:04 The Importance of Individuals in Jewish History

06:28 The Jewish View of History

09:20 Lessons from the Story of Esther

12:10 Interview with a Soldier who Fought in Gaza

19:25 Powerful and Evocative Moments in Gaza

22:15 Worrying about Family and Coping with Breaks

27:55 The Role of Faith and Processing the Experience

35:10 Takeaway: Making Sacrifices and Supporting Soldiers