Elul mix – Yitzhak Meir, Avrimi Roth, David Ben-Arza, Yanki Bruin, Dvir Shenrav and Aviel Sultan

Let’s turn the Building of the Nation Hall into a hall of prayer —– Elul String – Yitzhak Meir and friends prepare for the prayers of the High Holidays in the mobile beit midrash of “Liba-Bei” will be renewed! A new clip with the best poems of the high holidays by the creator of Yitzhak Meir and friends.

The best melodies (“Our Father, Our King”, “And the Brings”, “The Look of Our Lips” and more) with the best singers (Yitzhak Meir, Avrimi Roth, Aviel Sultan, Dvir Shenrav, Yanki Bruin, David Ben-Arza and more).

15 minutes and 15 seconds saturated in the atmosphere of Elul and the High Holidays.

The string was photographed in the mobile beit midrash of “Liba Bei”, a movement that Meir founded with his friends to allow a space for study, prayer and observation of the Torah of the heart. Yitzhak Meir relates, “It is amazing to note that in all the communities of the Jewish Committees, they recognized that the ability to create a connection to prayer, repentance and correction is through melody. “Introducing Mercy” and “Ohila” in the Ashkenazi synagogues – the melody creates a connection, allows the soul to bring out the hidden and repressed depths that we have built,” precisely because of this.