New Music Video “Adeh Adeh” Exudes Double the Simcha for Double the Adars!

Just in time for the great Adar season! A brand new music video of “Adeh Adeh,” the popular Purim song by singer-songwriter-shliach Rabbi Yoey Muchnik, will have you laughing, dancing, and singing along. Jumping off from the “Adeh Lo Yada” theme, the song deftly covers the gamut of the Purim mitzvahs, making it educational and fun.

The video brings Yoey’s signature humor to life with whimsical costumes, wacky effects, and rapidly changing colorful backdrops. Between the driving beat, smoothly delivered vocals and fun choreography, joy oozes out of every scene of “Adeh Adeh.” Jump into Adar with this high energy music video!

Composer: Yoey Muchnik
Vocals: Yoey Muchnik
Music Production: Izzy D Studios
Video Director: Menachem Silverstein
Filmed & Edited by: Ron Gefen

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Mishenichnas Adar
Joy is in the air
Marbim Besimcha
Laughing Everywhere

Costumes we are wearing
Smile from all sides
Ad Delo Yada
Baruch Mordechai

Gifts we are gifting
To Neighbors and to friends
Helping out the needy
Broken hearts we mend

Megillas Esther we are reading
Messages throughout
Graggers we are swinging
Stamping Haman out

Chorus:Adeh Adeh Adeh Adeh Adeh Delo Yada
Adeh Adeh Adeh Adeh Adeh Delo Yada

Simchas Poretz Geder
Joy will get you through
No need to check the weather
Cuz Venehapach Hu

So keep jumping up and dancing
With a smile on your face
Mach Nuch a Lchaim
Celebrate the Neis

Adeh Lo Yada Bein Arur Haman LeBaruch Mordechai

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